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Your New Partner Specials in July

As the saying goes: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Those who are willing to take a risk can grow and surpass themselves. We believe that those who dare, win.

Of course, taking an unknown risk isn’t always easy. But becoming a RINGANA Fresh Partner is. It’s easy for RINGANA Fresh Partners to start their business and they are autonomous, can work when and where they want, and they have RINGANA at their side. We support RINGANA Fresh Partners so that they get their business off to a fast, efficient start. RINGANA Fresh Partners can concentrate fully on achieving success.

The basis for success are the common values shared by RINGANA and its Fresh Partners, a sustainable approach, and a unique corporate philosophy. RINGANA pursues a clear and consistent line: pure ingredients, real efficacy, and absolute freshness. Our philosophy rules not only our products but everything that we do – from purchasing our raw materials to our ethical and fair Fresh Partner sales system. Interested? For more information, get in touch with your personal Fresh Partner!

So we.

RINGANA and its Fresh Partners work together to achieve success and a Vision. We are proud to be able to count on over 60,000 Fresh Partners – particularly during these challenging times. Despite the difficult situation, RINGANA has already managed to grow this year by an incredible 34.78%! We would like to say THANK YOU, and we want to share our delight and this success with a one-off Starter Set campaign for our new Partners.

That’s why exclusivelyin July, all new Partners will receive an extra 34.78% on their total commission for their first invoice.*

But that’s
not all!

Because all new Partners will be getting a free € 70 product voucher* as well, which can be used immediately after registration to order their favourite products from the RINGANA Online Shop and try them out. So that you new Partners will already be able to make product recommendations on your first FRESH date! It is personal experience on which the RINGANA Fresh Partner system is built. Would you like to know more about the RINGANA Fresh Partner system? Then get in touch with your personal Fresh Partner now!

* This offer is valid once only for all individuals who register as a Fresh Partner between 01.06.2020 (12:00 noon) and 31.07.2020 (12:00 noon) – irrespective of whether they do so online or send in a completed Partner application form. This campaign is only valid where registration is by means of the Business Booster Starter Set.

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